Textiles of Indonesia

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17687 17687
Ceremonial Banner
Bali, Indonesia
mid 20th century
203 x 33 cm
Tapis Ceremonial Garment
Sumatra, Kaurer People
19th century
124 x 108 cm, mounted
13099 13099
Tampan / Ceremonial Cloth
Lampung, Sumatra, Paminggir people
Late 19th century
66 x 72 cm
Kain Kebat
Malaysian Borneo
early 20th century
58 x 60 cm tubular
13073 13073
Sarung, batik
Lasam, Java
Early 20th century
196 x 105 cm
Sarung Bang Biru
Tubular Skirt Cloth
Lasam, Java
late 19th century
105 x 218 cm
18558 18558
Sarung, batik
Solo, Java
99 x 105 cm (tubular)

The Textiles of Indonesia

Textiles have been the medium of visual expression in Indonesia for centuries, and until recently remained a major form of communication. The thousands of islands that compose Indonesia have given home to unique cultural groups. Each island or area has a distinctive dress expressing it's religious ideas and social structure. As these forms have crystallized over the centuries, the manner of articulating them is concise and elegant. The techniques, frequently ikat or supplemental weaving, are utilized to their fullest potential.

Textiles from Indonesia remain bargains because they are little known outside of a few collectors. Fine rare material can still be obtained in the $10,000 - $20,000 price range, and many other choice pieces in the $800 - $10,000 range. Prices depend on the particular area of Indonesia, its availability and desirability to collectors.

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