Heirloom textile

Made in Gujarat, India; collected in Sulawesi
16th - 17th century, carbon dated 1590 - 1670
Technique: Resist and mordant dyed, hand-woven cotton
Condition: Good, two slight bands of discoloration probably where it was folded and became dirty (these could probably be washed out), a few small holes, 2 patches approximately 1 - 2" ( 2.5 - 5.1 cm)
Dimensions: 15' 8 1/2" x 3' 1" ( 4.79 x 0.94 m )

Description: Overall repeat of peacocks with cobras in their mouths.

Comment: According to the Hindu legend it was the peacock who consumed the poison that was emitted from the Sea of Milk that was churned up during the creation of the universe. The peacock therefore immune to a serpent's venom is thought of as a protector. The defeat of the cobra by the peacock symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

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